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CII Naoroji Godrej Institute of Manufacturing Excellence (CII CME) and BCG India have partnered to initiate a monthly survey on growth trends for Indian companies. The broad-based aim of the survey is to provide a reliable indicator of the previous month's revenue performance across all major sectors in India, across regions.  The survey is sent to CEOs and equivalents heads, of all leading Indian companies, across sectors, every month, and synthesized feedback is shared back with all respondents.  


This Initiative is aimed at encouraging companies to participate and assess whether their company’s growth is ‘good-enough’ on an ongoing basis (compared to peers, compared to allied industries). There has constantly been a need for a reliable and timely growth index on how a particular sector / region within India is truly growing.


The synthesized feedback will provide

  • A summary of average growth across surveyed companies for the previous month
  • Growth of major sectors
  • A break-up of growth by region within India (North/West/South/East)


Why should companies participate?

  • Benchmark performance vis-à-vis peers and allied industries
  • Obtain industry-specific insights from the BCG Research Center
  • Receive synthesized report based on survey results


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