Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba Mumbai.

16th November 2016




About the Conference
Welding is a crucial technique for the joing of materials in the Nation's major manufacturing industries. Welding, the fusing of the surfack, s of two work pieces to form one, is the most precise, reliable. cost-effective. and "high-tech" method for joining materials. No other technique is as widely used by manufacturers to join metals and alloys efficiently and to add value to their products. Most of the familiar objects in modern society. from buildings and bridges. to vehicles and medical devices. could not be produced or made without the use of welding and hence WELDING goes well beyond the bounds of its simple description.

Welding is the core of modern technology and it has gone through a complete evolution today, following the utmost precedence that machines have garnered in our lives. There is a rapid development in this industry and new methods are being discovered and added day by day. Welding is an ever growing discipline which presents challenges and work opportunities for new generations of engineers. This one-day Conference on Welding will provide opportunities to showcase and understand the advancements of welding in manufacturing, construction and country-wide infrastructures. And also the stopgaps it faces in India, and further discuss the ways to overcome it.

In a globalised business environment, the Indian fabricators using welding should not only be prepared to face competition at home from imports of finished fabricated products but should also be able to compete overseas to sustain their viability and contribute towards their stakeholders.

In India, welding contributes significantly to the GDP in several ways, such as welding intensive industries, auxiliary products, complementary goods, employment, and user industries.

Theme Note

CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence is pleased to invite you to the 1st Conference on Welding 2016 in Mumbai, India. The Conference theme is "Welding Innovation, Challenges and Applications in India". The welding industry is changing worldwide and evolving into a sophisticated technology utilizing new software, automation and communication technologies to improve quality and integrity of joining conventional and new materials.

In many industries, application of large and heavy equipment in their processes and procedures is a general occurrence. Many processes of engineering like welding, fabrica-tion which involves cutting, bending, and assembling of metals are integral part of modem manufacturing and better understanding and global knowhow and advancements are the need of the hour.


Sub Themes

Welding Sector in India:Advantage and Challenges

Futures Trends:Internet of Things,Automated Welding and Addictive Manufacturing

Evolution of Material Science in the Welding sector and the challenges faced

Skill Developement and Training in Welding Sector

Safety and Non Destructive Testing for Welding in India

Who Should Attend

CEOs and CXOs

Owners/Managing Partners/Senior Partners

President/Executive Voice Partners/sr Voice Prtners

Heads from Fabrication/Engineering/Consulting/Design/Project management/Heavy Welding/Welding Equipment/Supplies/Consumabales/Material Science/Addictive Manufacturing

Heads from Construction Sector

Representative from Academia



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